5 Benefits Of Eggplants

5 Benefits Of Eggplants

Research has shown that this vegetable should be included in diet plans to maximize its effects on the body. Some of such benefits are highlighted below;

1. Aids Digestion: Eggplants contains dietary fiber which is important for balanced nutrition. This fiber increases digestion rate and improves the intestines health. Fiber also helps remove bad cholesterol from the body which is an efficient way of reducing the risk of having heart-related diseases.

2. Fights Cancer: Eggplant has delphinidin, an antioxidant that prevents the body cells from being damaged by free radicals and stops the cancer cells from growing. Eggplants also contains vitamin C which stimulates the growth of white blood cell and strengthens the immune system against any foreign growth in the body.

3. Strengthens The Bone: The amount of iron, copper, vitamin k and phenol in eggplants is sufficient enough to prevent bone degradation.

4. Increases Brain Functions:  Eggplant is the perfect vegetable for memory retention.  If you want to increase your analytical thought and memory power, this vegetable is excellent for the job.  It contains phytonutrients which increases cognitive ability and brings a total improvement to a person’s mental health.

5. Blood Flow: Eating Eggplants regularly also prevents blood clot and strengthens the blood vessels thereby increasing blood and oxygen flow in the body.

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