5 Ways To Keep Your Costs Low Amidst The Rising Prices

5 Ways To Keep Your Costs Low Amidst The Rising Prices

The time has come again, when you need to save money as if your life depended on it. With costs of goods/services escalating due to the removal of fuel subsidy and fall in the Naira value, individuals of all social classes are scrambling to manage the situation while still trying to provide the best for themselves and loved ones. From the rising cost of transportation to the ridiculous price of tomatoes. 

While the need to go ahead with ones day to day activities isn’t something that can be avoided.  Here are five ways you can keep your costs low.

1) Carpooling

Carpooling is a good thing for your wallet. Considering the high cost of transportation, you’ll save a reasonable amount of money which would have been spent on purchasing fuel or visiting the mechanic.

2) Shop Online

Taking less trips to stores and local markets, minimizes the amount of fuel spent on getting there. With the affordable online grocery delivery services in Nigeria, you get to save a reasonable amount of money. For example, on Supermart.ng, when you select the Supermart Prime delivery option, you pay a fixed fee of N1,500 once for an unlimited number of grocery delivery valid for 30 days.

3) Buy Local

We all know that locally grown or produced food stuff is often available at a cheaper price than imported food stuff. Supermart.ng, Nigeria’s largest online supermarket and grocery delivery service has labelled all locally produced products with a “Proudly Nigerian” stamp, making it easier for you to identify local products. By patronizing local products, you get to save a reasonable amount of money.

4) Eat at Home

Rather than going out to eat, you can stay at home and cook any nutritious meal for a small fraction of the price at a restaurant or fast-food joint. Look up your favourite recipe on Supermart.ng’s blog, purchase the ingredients and get cooking!

5) Use Coupons

In as much as coupons are not so popular on this side of the world, they provide an easy way to save money.  A number of websites like Supermart.ng offer coupon points which you can use to shop for items. 

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