7 Nigerian Yam Recipes

7 Nigerian Yam Recipes

So you’ve got some tubers of yam lying around in your kitchen and you don’t know what to do with them, then now is the time to pick up those starch stuffed vegetables and give any of the below recipes a try and I promise you it is going to be worth your time.

1. Boiled yam

When it comes to boiling yam, some people slice the yam into smaller bits without peeling off the rough skin while some people peel off the rough skin and then slice into small bits. The purpose of slicing it into smaller bits is to help the yams soften easily. When they have been sliced to smaller bits, they are washed and put into a pot, and then water is added. The level of water should be above all the contents in the pot and the pot should be covered then timed to avoid it getting too soft. When it’s soft enough, it is separated from the water by using a colander. Boiled yam is best served with palm oil and onion (fried), stew, fried egg, vegetable sauce, egg sauce etc.

2. Yam porridge

Yam porridge is made by cooking yam slices in fish, meat or vegetable broth. This is usually made into a thick consistency and later garnish with different vegetables like diced tomatoesspring onions, fluted pumpkin (ugwu), spinach etc. When preparing this recipe, the yam can be reddened with palm oil, red tomatoes, and bell peppers. Finally, dried fishcrayfishmeat and other condiments are usually added to make the porridge tasty and attractive.

3. Crispy yam chips

Yam chips are made by peeling the rough skin of the yam and then cutting it into long moderately thin slices then fried. It is one of the best and easy methods to prepare yam for breakfast and dinner. It is best served with fried egg, egg sauce, ketchup etc.

4. Pounded yam

Pounded yam is made by pounding already cooked yam into a smooth and lump-less paste. This smooth and lump-less state of the paste can be achieved by pounding it repeatedly. This recipe is best served with different African soups such as Egusi soup, Afang soup, Edikaikong soup, Okro soup, Oha soup etc. get all the ingredients you need for any soup you want here

5. Roasted yam

Roasted yam is made by cutting the yam into biteable sizes and then roasting them without peeling off the rough skin. Roasting is done over a heat source e.g. charcoal pots or firewood. The difficult part of making this recipe is that you have to keep turning it to the sides until every part is well roasted. When they are well roasted then a knife is used to remove the rough back which at this time would have been black and easy to remove. This recipe can be best served with palm oil and onion sauce, bell pepper sauce, ugba sauce etc.

6. Yam and beans porridge

Yam and beans porridge can be prepared with brown beans, white beans, black beans etc. For this recipe, you would have to peel the rough skin and then cut it into smaller cubes. The yam cubes are then added into the beans been cooked and this addition is done when the beans are almost completely soft. It is the same way you prepare the usual beans porridge, the only difference is the addition of yam cubes. Get all the ingredients you need to prepare this recipe here

7. Amala

Amala is a staple made from yam, together with the rough skin. It is associated mostly to the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. In this recipe, the yams are washed, soaked in water for a day and then sun-dried before being ground in the mill into smooth flour, the colour is sometimes deep or light brown after it has been made into swallow. It is usually prepared using the Eba or Semolina method. Amala is best served with ewedu soup, ogbono soup, Efo rirookro soup etc.

Yam can be prepared in so many ways but the above-listed recipes are the commonly prepared ones here in Nigeria

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