8 Things Every Lady Should Carry In Their Purse

8 Things Every Lady Should Carry In Their Purse

A purse is a lady’s best friend. You should never leave home without it.  That’s your secret weapon and your quick fix.  However, the problem is we forget to include the essentials.  Life is filled with unexpected moments. In order to prepare yourself for whatever comes your way, you have to think of your purse as a toolkit.

So, don’t get stuck in a messy situation; prepare yourself for the unexpected with the following items in your purse;

  1. Hand sanitizer – this is one item ladies fail to keep in their purse. It is important you carry this with you at all times. You don’t want to get sick by eating finger foods with your dirty hands.
  2. Lipstick– A lady should always have this item in your bag at all times.
  3. Hair accessories– This is very important for a lady, especially on a day when you left the house with your hair down. You really do not want to be missing a hair band when the heat begins to pound you.
  4. Mirror- for that quick touch up, this item comes in handy. The secret is getting a compact mirror that is small enough to carry around in your bag.
  5. Mint gum– as a lady you need your breath to smell fresh at all times.
  6. Aspirin– your day can go from productive and energetic to sluggish and unrewarding with a headache. You would want to get on with completing your tasks as quickly as possible by keeping a packet of aspirin in your purse.
  7. Cash- Really, I don’t like carrying cash around now that I have a bank card. However, just to be in the safe side you should carry around some cash just in case your life is depended on it. ATM can fail you or POS!!
  8. Sanitary Napkin/ Tampon– As a lady, you definitely do not want to be without a sanitary napkin/ tampon when you need one. We should all identify why already, so I will spare you the rest of the facts.

Now you have the information, start filling your purse with the basic essentials. Visit Supermartng here to buy these items…..

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