All You Need to Know About the New Indomie Relish

All You Need to Know About the New Indomie Relish

We all know that when it comes to noodles in Nigeria no one does it better than Indomie. Their varieties of flavours, packs and sizes give anyone who loves noodles options to taste something different whenever they eat Indomie.

So they decided to give us even more option by introducing Indomie Relish which delivers a deliciously wholesome and complete meal experience as it comes in two delicious flavours- Chicken Extravaganza and Seafood Delight.

Chicken extravaganza comes with real chicken chunks, chicken sausages, chilli chunks and seasoning oil while the Seafood Delight comes with real fish chunks, fish powder, chilli powder, seasoning oil and seasoning powder to give an unforgettable taste the moment it touches your tongue.

If you love to eat fish or chicken, Indomie has something for you. And if you eat both, then relish all the way.

One thing for sure happens when you taste Indomie Relish, “you don’t wanna stop relishing”.

Now, how better can Indomie serve you if not like this?

Can’t wait to have a taste? Go get yours here

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