Can Frying Oil Be Reused?

Can Frying Oil Be Reused?

If you are like most people, I bet you have used your frying oil more than once to cook. The thought of throwing or pouring out the remaining oil seems wasteful, coupled with the amount of money you spent buying the oil. Throwing it just seems wrong on all levels.

Nevertheless, did you know reusing oil poses health risks? The number of times that you can safely reuse it will depend on what kind of oil it is, the temperature it was heated to and for how long it stayed outside.

When oil is heated, its fat molecules reduces. This makes it get to a point where it starts to smoke and give off a bad odor, more quickly each time it is used.

What are the health risk associated in reusing cooking oil?

Free radicals;

Are also produced when an oil reaches it smoke point. These are molecules that damage cells in our bodies and can potentially cause cancer.

Trans fats

Are “bad fats” that increase the risk of heart disease. At high temperatures, the fats in oil change into trans fats. When oils are reused, the amount of trans fats gets even higher.

 Consuming too much oil is actually bad for one and this should be avoided. It is advisable other methods of cooking is explored. Grilling is a great way to cook your meal , so also is oven roasting it is better alternative to frying.

Nevertheless we still need oil for cookking our meals so concentrate on using cholesterol free vegetable oil. get them here

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