Chicken Suya Veggie Bowl Recipe

Chicken Suya Veggie Bowl Recipe

How to prepare Chicken Suya Veggie Bowl

Who says you have to wait till evenings to eat chicken suya when you have us!

Today’s recipe is chicken suya veggie bowl. Chicken suya with a funky twist and we know you’ll love it. It’s not just healthy, it’s also homemade. What can be better?

We hope you try it out and tell us how delicious it turned out.


Deboned skinless chicken thighs

Salt to taste

Ground black pepper

Seasoning cube

Suya spice mix – 1 heaped teaspoon

Groundnut oil

Green Pepperscarrot and onions Sliced


Season the sliced vegetables with salt and pepper. Set aside

Season the chicken with salt, pepper and seasoning cubes. Mix well and Set aside

Pour the groundnut oil into a large sauce pan on high heat; add in the chicken as soon as the oil is hot.

Fry for about 5 minutes. Remove Chicken and set aside to cool.

Combine sliced chicken with suya spice and vegetables. 

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