Choosing The Right Deodorant For Your Body

Choosing The Right Deodorant For Your Body

Everyone has their preference when it comes to picking deodorant; some people want to smell like flowers, others want something that will keep them from sweating so much.

Before we go on to explain the right deodorant you can use for your body, we need to differentiate between deodorant and antiperspirants.  Deodorants destroy Underarm Odor by putting a stop to bacteria that makes sweat smelly. Antiperspirants on the other hands stop hyperhidrosis (wetness) by blocking your sweat ducts, usually with aluminium salts.

When it comes to picking the finest deodorant for your pits personally, there are few aspects to consider.  Scroll on to determine exactly what deodorant or antiperspirant product is good for you and your needs.

1. Worried about sweat –   If you are concerned with sweat, antiperspirant is your best bet!  Try Nivea Anti- Perspirant deodorant spray roll-on/ spray natural fairness. You can get it at Nivea Store

2. Your main concern is smelling good – if you hardly sweat, a pure deodorant will do. There are so many different brands out there, so sniff around to find your favourite! Invest in Revlon perfumed deodorant body spray Charlie red 90ml. Check out the Revlon Store

3. You don’t mind having to clean white marks occasionally- if you aren’t too worried about occasional white marks, then you wouldn’t mind, “Sure deodorant spray invisible pure 150 ml.” You can get this at Sure Store. They work very well and often smell super great! 

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