Making Your Year Count: 4 Questions to Ask (2)

Making Your Year Count: 4 Questions to Ask (2)

Hi there,

Thanks for reading the previous post, if you did, you would realise that it was not complete. Today, we would continue from where we stopped.

A recap of the questions to ask are:

  • Look in the Mirror: Why am I here today?
  • Repeat the past: What has helped me change before?

The third question is, Mind games: How can I get out of my way?

The mind is a powerful tool, we can do big things when our mind is convinced we can do it. Know your go-to fears and how you can unknowingly sabotage yourself. Research says 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions are over by mid-February. When the goal seems too big, too hard or too long, we go back to our old ways. Rather than be a statistic, break your goal into one-month resolutions. Focus on January one week at a time.

This helps you achieve your goals and make the year different for you.

4. Purpose: What is my why?

Most New Year’s resolutions are pretty predictable, such as; get healthy, get organized and so on. The key is understanding why these goals and others really matter in your life.

Commit to specific goals that fit the areas that need your time and attention, and have a bigger purpose. Know why making this change matters, rather than just wanting to lose weight or organize your office. Knowing your why increases the likelihood that you will stick with it when it gets hard.

If your why is building in more time for relationships and fun to enrich your life, then keep that why on a note and stick it to your mirror.

Start small.

Downsize your expectation of what is required for having people over. Call friends to check in on your commute home. Be an asker and invite people to get together rather than communicating only through text. Twelve months of even small changes will have an impact.

Find what works for you. Find out what matters in your life, and get started.

All it takes is starting with January, and being consistent from there.

These are the four questions to ask to make your year different. Be sure to ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly.

I know this year will be different with the little changes we would make.

Cheers to a different year!

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