This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Water

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Water

That heavenly feeling after gulping a bottle of cool water right after a light interval of thirst is one of the most satisfying and relieving experiences ever. But how much do you know about what happens to your body after taking those mouthfuls of H2O? This post will enlighten you on what your body goes through from the moment it runs dry till you take a few cups and regulate your hydration levels to satisfaction.

Thirst stimulation

When you take a swig of water after a period of thirst, that refreshing feeling you experience is triggered by what is known as the anticipatory reflex. Using the tastes buds and gut, the anticipatory reflex notes and records how much water is swallowed just enough to make you feel satisfied. Once sated, you will feel the need to stop drinking at a certain point if not, you might run the risk of over-rehydrating and subsequently flooding your body.

Improvement of Cognitive Processes

According to a series of research about how the brain reacts when it is deprived of water, it was discovered that dehydration or a lack of enough water in the body causes short-term memory damage, working memory impairment as well as regressive visual motor skills. When water is channelled into the body, the brain’s functions and processes is improved rapidly with a particularly sharp upgrade in short-term memory.

Gingers the Kidneys

The kidneys are responsible for filtering the liquid from the body, however, they need more than enough water to function properly and expunge unnecessary toxins from the body. When dehydration sets in, the risk of developing kidney stones and other nasty diseases increases. Although the kidney tries to save water by concentrating the colour of urine to a pale yellow hue, a lack of water means the bean-shaped twins will find it difficult to properly filter out unneeded wastes from the body. This makes it very important to drink a lot of water. Usually, eight glasses of water in a day is the required minimum amount for the kidneys to fully function well.

Contributes to Weight Loss

Whenever you drink water without food, it fills the tummy and keeps you energized and satisfied. This means you don’t necessarily have to eat meal after meal at the slightest tease of hunger and it keeps your calorie levels low as well so your body gets to accumulate much less fat.

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