Traditional Toast Bread Recipe

Traditional Toast Bread Recipe

How to make Traditional Toast Bread

Making toast bread could could seem like a big deal for so many for so many reasons, but there is a basic recipe and ingredients for the starter or just a plain ‘uninteresting’ cook! 

Servings: the same number as can finish one loaf

Prep time: 45-60minutes


Bread 1loaf

Sardine 2 tins

Margarine or butter (depending on choice) 1tub

Eggs 3

Lettuce 1bunch (preferably sliced)

Baked beans or Kidney beans (depending on choice) 1tin


  1. Get ingredients ready – spread margarine or butter on every slice of bread, pour your sardines into a plate and mash, beat your eggs, pick your lettuce and open your tin of beans.
  2. Place a slice of bread spread with butter (facing up) on the toaster, glaze bread with egg, sprinkle sardine evenly, spread your sliced lettuce all over,  also sprinkle your beans evenly on the base bread and then cover all up with another slice of bread
  3. Toast till it’s ready (when the light comes on)
  4. Serve!

Tip: Best eaten hot and fresh, with a cup of teacoffee or just milk.

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