5 Weird Food Combinations

Welcome to Nigeria where almost all of us are guilty of one weird food combination or the other. I myself have a few combos I just can’t do without but there are some people who have taken food combination to a whole new level; just like the day I walked into a restaurant somewhere in Ogun state where I was serving back then and saw a man eating Amala with Ewedu soup that has two eggs in it and I was like yuck… who does that?

Some of the weird food combinations we will be talking about in this article are nice when you taste them but some are just so ridiculous that you can’t even begin to imagine yourself eating them. So check them out and feel free to try them out…winks…

1. Indomie and Bread

Well, this one is a classic for me, I have known this since the day I started combining foods and for every time I combined this I always enjoyed it. The secret to enjoying this one is to prepare your indomie with a little bit of water left in it, then cut your bread from the side and then put the indomie plus the water into it and you have got your very own indomie sausage.

2. Rice and Yam

This is the one I call a tautology because I don’t see the point in combining carbohydrate with carbohydrate. I have seen people eat this a lot especially in mama-puts where you can hear someone boldly placing an order like this “Madam abeg give me rice 200, yam 100 and one meat, put enough stew on top o” Lol.. like what’s the point

3. Rice and Soup

Yum… I’m a big fan of this combo, I have seen folks eat rice with different soups like vegetablepepper soupOkro, and Ogbono but I prefer mine strictly with Egusi Soup. My love for Egusi is unexplainable, I can’t even begin to explain the weird combos I have done with this soup but the one that’s still very fresh in my memory is eating it with bread. I’m sure you are going to be like who is this one? Well don’t judge me yet, give it a trial and if you still feel the same way then judge away.

4. Bread and Pap

Ok, this one gives me the creeps. The very first time I saw someone eat this, I almost threw up. He got his bread cut it open like he wanted to apply butter, and then started applying pap inside of the bread and when he was done; he still had some left in his plate so he slammed the bread shut and started munching on it like he was eating bread and egg. He will take a bite from the bread and then take a spoon of pap and chew together. It wasn’t funny at all

5. Beans and Tea

I’m sure you are asking yourself how this is even possible, well it is. In fact, I ate this a lot during my secondary school days, it was our Tuesday breakfast. The first time I stepped into the dining hall for this meal I asked myself who even thought of this meal in the first place because it didn’t make sense to me at the time but as I started eating it every Tuesday morning then I realized it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.

I know you might have combinations that you feel are even weirder than the ones I listed here, so feel free to tell us about it in the comment section.

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