6 Electronics You Can Now Buy On Supermart.ng

Since we are always looking for ways to make online shopping easy and straightforward for our customers we’ve now added electronics to the site, so instead of getting only groceries and household items from our store, we are happy to inform you that you can now buy electronics from www.supermart.ng. Below is a list of our new additions

Phones and Accessories

You can now purchase top range smartphones like the iPhone XR and XS, Samsung S10 and a list of other amazing android and apple phones. You can also get amazing phone accessories like wireless chargers, headsets, Bluetooth speakers, earphones, chargers, power banks and lots more.


Laptops are very important gadgets, almost everyone has one. For some people, it’s a tool for work, while for others it’s a game studio/cinema or all of these purposes combined together. Whichever purpose it serves for you, know you can now buy it from our electronics store. You can also get laptop accessories like mouse, backpacks, speakers and lots more.


Televisions are a major necessity in every home. Having a TV at home helps take entertainment scenery of the household to the next level. It won’t feel complete if you don’t own one. You can now get TVs from brands like Hisense, Haier Thermocool, Bruhm and lots of other brands from our electronic store.

Home Theatre

Well, there are those who love listening to music and those who love listening to music from quality sound systems that filters out all the noise and gives them the sound they need. If you’re part of the latter then we’ve got you covered, because you can now get top-notch home theatres from top brands like Sony, LG, Hisense and lots more here

Air Conditioners and Fans

In this hot weather, we all need something that keeps us cool and sane. So whether it’s an air conditioner, a rechargeable standing fan, or a wall fan know you can get it from our electronic store at very affordable prices.


This one is a must have as a Nigerian because you don’t want Nepa killing your vibes by interrupting power supply when you’re busy with work, fun or simply just relaxing. You can log on to our store and select from a range of quality generators.

If you’re looking to buy electronics online in Nigeria, then you can get it on here

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