7 Top Nigerian Snacks


When it comes to snacking here in Nigeria, we don’t really do biscuits, cakes or cookies. Instead, we focus more on locally made snacks gotten by either deep frying, roasting, baking or boiling.

Most of these snacks are easily accessible; they are sold mostly in traffic, roadsides or small neighbourhood shops. Some of them have been around for ages, tested and trusted. Some can serve as food or snack, either way; they are quick meals you can munch on when you want to eat on the go. Though your choice might depend on the age group and activity level, these are typical snacks that can also prepare at home. Below are the snacks

1.       Puff Puff

This one is an everyday classic for me because I can’t begin to calculate the amount I have spent buying puff puff, but one thing I can tell you is that it was worth every penny. It’s made with flour mixed with other ingredients and deep fried with vegetable oil. Back then, you don’t need to go looking for puff puff, it comes looking for you. We always wait and keep our ears open to hear the sound of the metal fork being hit on a glass box used in hawking it. The moment we hear it, out we go, before you know it, we’re already placing orders and munching on it.  I and this snack have come a long way so I can tell you with all confidence that it’s worth every penny you plan on spending on it, but make sure you eat it hot In other to enjoy it.

2.       Coconut Candy

Well, if you did not have some of these growing up, then your childhood must have been so boring! Say what?! I could go late to school while waiting for Iya Bili (short for Bilikisu) to open her shop and sell me some cone-shaped coconut candy! It was that bad. What was worse is that the coconut candy that was meant for break time finished even before I got to school. Though I don’t really eat this anymore, it’s still a classic.

3.       Chin Chin

Chin chin is a crunchy snack made with well-prepared dough, flavoured and deep-fried; I still remember a day I bought ₦100 worth of this while I was growing, I ate until I could chew no more, and this wasn’t because my stomach didn’t want more; it was simply because my temple was aching real bad from the ones I have already eaten. I still enjoy this once in a while with a bottle of soft drink.

4.       Meat Pie

Back in the days, meat pie was for the big boys, if you buy this during break time in school everyone will be looking at you like… that guy has money o lol… it tastes really nice which was one of the reasons it was expensive back then. It’s definitely one you will love the moment you take a bite but be careful where you buy this snacks from so you don’t end up buying one that has spaghetti and beans in it.

5.       Corn

Corn is another classic, it can be eaten roasted or cooked and goes well with either coconut or pear. The only annoying thing to me when it comes to corn is that you have to wait for its season to enjoy it fresh. It is sold mostly by the roadside. Well even though I won’t advise you to touch several corn combs before picking one, it’s still essential to be watchful of the one you pick so you don’t end up buying corn that will literally dismantle your temple.

6.       Nuts and Dried Fruit

When it comes to nuts and dried fruit here in Nigeria, the most common ones are groundnutcashew nuttiger nutalmonds and dates. Almond trees were lifesavers back then in the boarding school I attended, we will pick up the fruits, eat the fleshy part then break the shells to reveal the secret almond nuts. Though we didn’t call it almond back then we simply called it “fruit”. So whichever one you decide to eat, know you can get them here.

7.       Plantain Chips

I and plantain chips have lots of history too, there was a time I ate this every single day, I always reserved ₦100 so I can get one in traffic when leaving the house or on my way back home. I didn’t really like the crunchy one made with unripe plantain, so I always looked out for the one made with ripe plantain. If someone had told me that someday I will stop craving plantain chips the way I did back then I wouldn’t have taken the person seriously but it’s good I stopped because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have found my new best snack – Purebliss biscuit.

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