Awesome Tea That Will Boost Your Health In No Time


Tea is the most consumed beverage in most Nigerian households. Not only is it taken during breakfast but it is also accompanied with bread. It has a lot of nutritional benefits but they are often neglected by people. The aim of this article is to get people to observe the benefits that dwell in the consumption of tea. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease among others, are some of the ailments it fights against in the body. Good news, isn’t it? Well, now let’s mention all the different types and flavours of tea. It comes in different forms and flavours with each having its own distinct health benefits. Here is a list and explanation of the different types of flavours:

Green Tea

Popularly referred to as the Wonder herb; Green tea is responsible for lowering cancer risk and also prevents carcinogenic, making it a priceless beverage for smokers. Its antioxidants impressively initiate a suppression of radicals that can cause tumours while also lowering the cholesterol level of the body. Green tea is also great because of its ability to lower blood pressure, treat dental ailments and prevent certain viral illnesses.

Chamomile Tea

This fantastic herb is used in tea because of its ability to soothe the stomach while relieving bloating and indigestion. Chamomile tea is also responsible for relaxing and calming the mind. It is a great beverage that should be taken to relieve stress and also to induce a wonderful night rest because of its insomnia-fighting qualities.

Lemongrass Tea

Ideal as an ingredient for making tea and for cooking as well; lemongrass tea is best served after dinner as they are most reliable for aiding digestion. It is not uncommon when they are mixed with other herbs to create a blend that will inculcate that active lemon zing flavour.

Ginseng Tea

Ginseng tea is arguably the most popular tea; this amazing herbal concoction is an elixir capable of minimizing the risk of cancer, limiting obesity, easing menstrual problems, ameliorating digestive disorders and enhancing the body’s immune system. The therapeutic tea can also be used as a beverage to curtail both physical and mental distress because of it’s relaxing and soothing properties. It is also popularly used for treating arthritis, asthma and sexual problems.

Ginger Tea

It acts as a potent stimulator that effectively soothes the digestive system. Ginger tea has been found to be very helpful for people living with arthritis because of it’s natural anti-inflammatory components. It is also very healthy when used by people who experience nausea.


Containing active substances which vigorously strengthen the body’s immune system, Echinacea is a strong herb that is composed of a network of interesting substances which influence and enhance the activity within the immune system. Its antioxidant effect makes it an ideal beverage for use in treating and preventing the common cold while relieving body pains as well and eradicating inflammation.

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