Fishes In The Nigerian Market And Their Bone Contents


Some of us love to eat fish but dealing with bones that come with it can sometimes be a turnoff. While it’s assumed that fishes have lots of bones, there are some with lesser bones or those that their bones are easy to remove. Here is a list of the most common fishes in the Nigerian market, arranged from the ones with fewer bones to the ones with more bones. All of these fishes and more can be found here

  1. Titus (Mackerel): This has long bones that can easily be removed
  2. Kote (Horse mackerel)Kote comes with long bones that are easy to remove and also chewable once cooked.
  3. Panla (Blue whiting): The bones of Panla are chewable and easy to remove. This fish is mostly folded, then smoked or dried.
  4. Stockfish: The Igbo’s know this one as Okporoko. It mostly comes dried with thick bones that are easily softened when cooked
  5. CroakerCroaker which is king of all fishes when it comes to grilling comes with thick long bones which can really cause damage, so you’ve got to go really gentle on it
  6. Catfish:  Catfish is what comes to mind whenever you think of fish pepper soup. It has some troublesome bones so you’ll need to be careful when eating it
  7. Sawa (Herring): 70% of the times a bone got stuck in someone’s throat, this fish is likely the culprit. It is the cheapest amongst all the fishes sold in Nigeria, it comes with so many tiny bones, so one needs to be very careful with this one to avoid it getting stuck in the throat.

Now that you know this, we’re sure you now know what fish to buy when you get the cravings.

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