How To Pick Good Onions

The two onions serve different purposes. Green onions are often eaten raw on salads or used as a garnish, while dry onions have juicy flesh and are covered with dry papery skin. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and flavours.

Nevertheless, when it comes to storing onions. It is easier to preserve the dry onions than the green. Hence, the reason why in Nigeria we consume a lot more the dry onions than the latter. The dry onions come in different colours; redbrown and purple. The red onions are the sweetest and are sold the most in Nigeria.

Fresh dry onions can be stored for 3 – 4 weeks in a cool dry place, if you are thinking of having them in bulk.

How to Pick Good Onions

When you need onions in bulk, here are a few things to consider;

1. Grow your Onions – This is an effective way to get a continuous supply of fresh onions. Onions can be really simple to grow and they take up to 175 days to germinate, which means you should probably start your garden early

2. Look at the Onions – Good onions always look neat and firm with tissue-thin skins free of blemishes, if the onion has dark spots or has roots sprouting out of it, then it’s already going bad

3. Touch the Onions – When onions start to go bad, they have a lot of moisture in them making some areas soft when you hold them. Good onions will remain hard for a period of 3-4 weeks if properly stored

4. Smell the Onions – If the onions has pungent smell or foul odor that means the decay process has already started.

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