5 Tricks To Make Your Groceries Last Longer


The best part is you can start buying your groceries in bulk without fear of wastage. Most people at times get confused as to what goes where and in the fridge or on the counter.  

 These few tips is focused at helping you make proper storage choices;

  1. Keep your honey from crystallizing

Honey naturally never spoils and can be placed on a shelf, but it can change form from liquid to Crystal. If you notice crystals in your jar of honey, place the honey into a container of water and heat it at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, this will de-crystallize the honey and also make it last a while longer.

2. Store your vegetables in Pot

To make vegetables and herbs last longer, do not refrigerate them. Get a small pot to fill it will the right amount of sand, then place the vegetables in the pot. Also, store the pot in a cool dark place.

3. Keep apples with potatoes to keep them from sprouting

If you hate seeing your Potatoes Sprout, keep an Apple in the Bag of Potatoes. This is because apple emits a gas called ethylene gas.  It prevents the potatoes from sprouting root for up to 8 weeks and makes them stay the way you like them.

4. Check your apples daily

You should check your Apple collection daily because if one apple goes bad it affects the whole bunch. To prevent the others from spoiling throw away the bad apple immediately when spotted.

5. Store your tomatoes in paper bags

Plastics are made up of ethylene which makes tomato ripen and spoil faster, this makes Paper Bag the better option because they don’t affect the health of tomatoes. If you have ripe tomatoes store them in paper bags and keep them in a dry place at room temperature.

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