Mackerel Egg Stew Recipe

Mackerel Egg Stew Recipe

How To make Mackerel Egg Stew 

If you enjoy egg stew then I’m sure you can already imagine what this meal will taste like. Mackerel egg stew is an easy dish which can be prepared by anyone; it goes really with rice, yam, plantain, potato or even bread. As easy as this sounds, there could be some preferences involved in the preparation of this meal, one of which is making it either runny like a typical Naija stew or making it stiff like scrambled eggs. But, whichever way you decide to make it we are sure you will still end up with a mouth-watering meal. Below is the recipe, you can try it out. Enjoy!


Method of Preparation

  1. The first step is to prepare the fish by rinsing, then flaking to remove the bones within. Once this is done, mash the fish and set aside.
  2. Crack the eggs into a bowl and set this aside.
  3. Next, heat up the cooking oil in an empty skillet for 1 minute, then add the chopped onion. Stir fry for 2 minutes before adding the tomato and pepper mix. Stir and leave this to cook for 3 minutes before adding the fish.
  4. Season with the salt and seasoning then leave to cook for 3 minutes.
  5. Gently stir in the eggs till you get your desired consistency.
  6. Serve!

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