Nigerian Beans and Corn Porridge (Adalu)

Nigerian Beans and Corn Porridge (Adalu)

How to make Nigerian Beans and Corn Porridge (Adalu)

I (SuperChiz) was born in the suburb of Ondo state and one of the very few memories I still have of Ikare is this food – Nigerian beans and corn porridge. Yes, I do not only like bread, oats… I also love me some beans! And when it is cooked with fresh corn from the farm and garnished with Ugba (being the Ibo girl that I am), gosh! I could have multiple plates back to back.


Beans, 2cups (of courseJ)

Boiled corn, 1ear

Oil, 1-1½ cooking spoon

Fresh pepper or ground pepper (to taste)

Crayfish (only as much as needed)          

Onions, 1 small

Salt (to taste)

Seasoning cube, 1

Ugba (for garnishing; quite optional)


  1. Pick your beans, wash. Put into a pot, add enough water to cover and cook.
  2. Remove your corn kernels from the cob.
  3. In a mortar, pound your pepper, crayfish and onions together. You could reserve some onion if you want to slice into your porridge.
  4. By now (after 15minutes), your beans should be half done or thereabout. Add the corn and oil to it and allow to boil for another 10 minutes or so. The beans and corn should be almost tender now. If not, wait till they are almost tender. Add some more water if necessary.
  5. Add your ground mixture and some salt and seasoning to taste. If you reserved some onions, add it now. Cover pot and allow to cook.
  6. When you are sure the contents of your pot is cooked, add your ugba and stir into a porridge

Allow to cool a little and serve! Perfect with a glass of juice!!

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