Supermart Nigeria Food Plating Competition

Supermart Nigeria Food Plating Competition

Supermart Nigeria Food Plating Competition Tips

We know you understand the concept of food plating but we just thought to enlighten and show you some ideas from popular food blogs in Nigeria. Here some few food plating designs;

This is a dish designed by dooney’s kitchen and she called it YAM PANCAKE

Yam pancakes
Yam pancakes 2

This will definitely make your breakfast; it is made with yam, chopped mixed vegetables – onions, chilies, spring onions, bell peppers, 2 eggs and seasoning cubes.

Here is another;

This is a dish designed by Omnomlagos and its called BEANS AND DODO AND FISH REIMAGINED

Beans And Dodo
Beans And Dodo 2

 as it can be seen this beans was made with patience and precision to make someone’s afternoon. Prepared with 7 cups of beans, 2 large onions sliced, 1 large handful of tatase, tomato, 4 Ata rodo, blended 5 tablespoons ground crayfish, 2 cooking spoons, palm Oil, maggi cubes, salt, grilled mackerel.

This is another by Donneys kichen;

I think she was trying to start a Nigerian vs Ghanaian Jollof war with this design, still by donneys kitchen she made Nigerian jollof rice with chicken and some sauce. She called this JOLLOF RICE AND CHICKEN AYILATA

Jollof Rice and Chicken Ayilata
Jollof Rice and Chicken Ayilata 2

made with  2 cup of rice, 2 can of plum Tomato, 4 pieces of pepper, 2 large onions, seasonings, vegetable oil and chicken thighs.

Now that you have seen some pictures of food plating. We believe will see some well decorated dishes for display when the competition begins. Don’t forget to tell your friends, family and loved ones about the competition.

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