Women Equality Day: Nigerian Women Deserve More

Women Equality Day: Nigerian Women Deserve More

As the women Equality Day is being commemorated today in the United States, well-meaning citizens of Nigeria have also continued to urge the various stakeholders in the Nigerian polity to formulate policies that will make life better for women in Nigeria. Although Women’s Equality Day is a day proclaimed each year to commemorate the granting of the vote to women in United States, women equality has become a matter of global concern with the incoming of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) making it their third goal.

According to a statement by the Media Officer of Supermart.ng, Oluwatayo Alofun “Women equality is not just an American campaign, it is a global campaign. Don’t forget that it is the third in the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals.  Most of these women combine career with the task of being mothers, wives and homemakers, you will agree with me that this is not easy especially in cities like Lagos. This was why we started Supermart.ng – an online groceries store in Lagos, Nigeria that delivers groceries to households in as early as three hours as a way of making life easier for women in Lagos”.

 Speaking further on making life easier for women, Alofun said “A typical woman will have to go from one grocery store to another because she can’t get everything she wants in just one store, she will still have to go to local market to shop for local ingredients, all in the midst of the unpredictable Lagos traffic. To reduce this stress, Supermart.ng has partnered with leading supermarkets and local markets to put up a one stop shop online with over 60,000 items including fresh foodssnacksalcohollocal Nigerian ingredientsoffice supplies and baby products among others”

 “Supermart.ng has also invested a lot in training logistics personnels in order to ensure that our women don’t have to worry about delivery time. There is provision for shoppers to select whatever delivery window works best for them; we could deliver in as early as three hours upon completion of orders. This means that we save the women about three to six hours which could be invested into more profitable activities like taking care of their children, resting or reading for personal development” Alofun added.

We have also been partnering with other organisations to conduct entrepreneurship trainings for women. In particular, we have been teaching women how they can leverage technology for productivity in businesses and in their everyday lives. We believe that Nigerian women deserve more, we are doing our best and we are calling on other stakeholders both in government and in private sectors to contribute towards making life easier for the Nigerian women.

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