Eat And Drink In Lagos

Eat And Drink In Lagos

Places to Shop and Eat in Lagos

Lagos is the most vibrant city in Nigeria. Its seductive charms are legendary and for a good reason. With the ever buzzing scenery of traffic, hawkers, lasma and the noise of generators; one might be forced to think that the city never sleeps.

However for those that are familiar with areas around Lagos will bet to differ. Yes! We are all aware that the stress level in the state is at the peak and can cause one to break down. Nevertheless, people in Lagos sure know how to have a good time coupled with the “STRESSFACTOR”

So where are the places people in Lagos visit, where do they buy their groceries especially if they don’t want to drive to a physical store, where do they go to relax? These are all questions that will be answered in this article.

Online Shopping in Lagos

This might sound strange to the average Nigerian, especially for those that don’t believe they can get quality fresh food items by shopping online. But this isn’t a new discovery, if you have been outside of the country, you will realise that more than half of their population buy their groceries online. Don’t be surprise that Nigerians, are also embracing such movement.

There are a couple of amazing online grocery stores in Lagos that are doing exceptionally well in rendering the best services to their customers. These are online stores that guarantee fresh grocery delivery few hours after purchase.


Is an online- grocery delivery service that has over 10,000 items from major supermarkets and open markets around Lagos. The firm stock items ranging from fresh foods, drinks, snacks and every day essentials. Pretty much, anything you can find in your retail store you will get it from them and more. Another attractive thing about is they give discount vouchers to new customers and also existing customers. If that isn’t a good deal, I don’t know what is.

2. JumiaFresh

Is an online grocery delivery service from the e-commerce company Jumia that allows you shop from as many as 10,000 items from over 20 supermarket and retail outlets across Lagos. People buy groceries from them because they find it convenient and also their items are very fresh.

3. HubMart

For those that know this retail store, will testify they sell quality premium food. Good thing they also sell online as well, people buy groceries from them and get it instantly.

The amazing thing to note about the three online grocery store is that they do same day delivery. This is why so many people in Lagos find their services very convenient and stress free. Which one of the three do you shop with?

Restaurants to Eat Out in Lagos

A lot of people don’t know that there are places in Lagos they can relax and just have eat good food.  Here are a few places you can eat out without emptying your bank account;

1. Seven Eagles Spur Restaurant – This is a family restaurant located at Ikeja City Mall, close to the alausa secretariat. The fact that it is close to the secretariat makes it easy to describe the place to people. The restaurant has an excellent service with professional waitress. The food is top notch and also for those that love to sing, there is a karaoke set up to test your voice and sing your heart out .

2. Yellow Chili Restaurant – also located in Ikeja GRA Lagos, the restaurant is designed to keep you dazed. The place is so beautiful and the environment so welcoming. They have a well set menu which is on their site with the various prices. The food is also of high standard, it will have you coming back.

3. The Place Restaurant – this is one of the most popular restaurant in Victoria island Lagos. They open from 7am till 12 midnight. It is a place where you can grab your food hot and sweet at any time of the day. The price is also very decent and affordable.

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