Making Your Year Count: 4 Questions to Ask

Making Your Year Count: 4 Questions to Ask

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Making the year count is a desire that we all want especially in areas that are of utmost importance to us. That’s why we want to share on how to make this year different by questions we think you should ask.

 1. Look in the mirror: Ask yourself ‘Where am I today’? Do an assessment of where you are in every area of your life:

  • Career: Focus on your job and the pursuit of professional success
  • Family: Remember to balance your work life with your family life
  • Friends: Take time to consider meaningful relationships outside of your family.
  • Spirituality: Focus on the values and beliefs that give meaning to life.
  • Health: Don’t forget to take care of yourself, your mind and your body.
  • Fun: Think about the activities and experiences that bring you joy and laughter.

Consider the areas that need renewed attention or that have been unintentionally neglected.

If you aren’t sure about where you are today, ask those who kConsider the areas that need renewed attention or that have been unintentionally you best. Look at how you spent your time in 2017 for clues. Did you hear subtle signals about an area that needs your attention? A doctor’s warning, lack of growth at your job or a best friend claiming they never see you anymore can all be important input for you to consider in 2018.

2. Repeat the past: What has helped me change before?

Of course you want to start anew in 2018! But consider exploring what has helped you change in the past and try it again.

What helped you make progress and reach your goals? Be very specific and use the strategies that have worked for you before.

The only way you can get comfortable with big decisions is through information. The bigger the decision, the more you need to know. Do online research but place a very high value on conversations with experts who can adapt knowledge to your situation.

To be Continued……

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