What Do You Want For Christmas?

What Do You Want For Christmas?

Hi there,

It’s count down to Christmas, I know alot of us while growing up got gifts during this season especially from family, friends, uncles, aunties, and neighbours. We were excited about Christmas and the Celebration that comes with it, the food, the gifts, the games, the dance, the pictures and outings.

We looked forward to this time of the year, but as we grew older, some of us lost touch with the elating feeling of Christmas. We slowly detached from celebrating Christmas most especially because other priorities (Work, Family) took our time. I know we think about what we will do during this time because it’s a holiday for most of us, while it isn’t for others.

We only get one chance to celebrate Christmas once a year, so how do we make it memorable. I want you to think about making this Christmas memorable for you, your family and those around you. Get new experience with those you love and those that love you, gift a smile to those who can’t possibly repay you. 

Think about it ‘What do I want for Christmas? you never know, you just might get what you want and wish for.


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Remember, life is about making memories.

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